The Watch Dog: Man Arrested for Elderly Murder

By Derek Obregon

Posted November 22, 2013 in Web Only
photo 2(1) copyNobody likes to hear more news about the killing of innocent people, especially if they’re defenseless. Not that criminals should only attack able-bodied individuals, but targeting those you know can’t fight back, like the elderly, is seen as a cowardly move.

A 33-year-old San Bernardino man named Freddie Weston was arrested on suspicion of murder and robbery. Weston is believed to be the man responsible for the home invasion, robbery and fatal beating of an elderly woman. Her name was Lorna Gable and she was 84 years old. Weston also beat up William Gable, Lorna’s 96-year-old husband. He was badly beaten, but the tough-as-nails wheelchair-bound World War II veteran survived the horrifying ordeal.

On the night of the attack, Weston allegedly broke into the Gable’s home through the garage door. He then confronted and attacked the elderly couple. He stole a pistol and a large amount of cash from the home before fleeing the scene of the crime.

This wasn’t the only documented case of criminals attacking the elderly in the area. Within the span of a week, two other reported attacks on the elderly took place, but no one was injured.

After the incident, Gable moved to Northern California with his children to be away from the event’s memories. He suffered a heart attack from the stress associated with his wife’s death, and also fought a case of pneumonia. The news of the arrest has boosted his spirits.

Daughter Sandy and son Gary Gable were relieved to find out that the man who killed their mother is now behind bars. The arrest happened a short eight days after the sheriff’s department released a composite sketch of the man who was suspected in the attack. Investigators aren’t disclosing how they were able to track down the killer so fast, but were glad to find the man so quickly.


The family says they try not to talk about the loss because there’s already a lot on Williams mind. “He had to survive World War II and this is probably being tucked away in one of the archives of his mind so he can deal with it,” Sandy Gable said.

Weston did have a criminal record. He pleaded guilty to obstructing and resisting a peace officer in April 2009. He was sentenced to 36 months of probation, but according to his records, that probation was revoked a month later because he violated the terms of his parole. He was considered a fugitive in Nov. 2011 after failing to appear for court hearings.

Now, Weston will be behind bars for some time and everyone can rest, especially those in the Gable family.



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