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Posted December 5, 2013 in Feature Story

Give your family and friends a reason to love you even more!

The world is divided into two types of people: There are those that love to shop, and those that truly believe the mall will be their demise. Whether you get an adrenaline rush from the smell of Cinnabon in the morning, or feel like a character from The Walking Dead every time you step into a department store, you can always use a little advice when it comes to picking out that perfect gift, right? Therefore, let’s all come together, shop-aholics and holiday dread-ers alike, and consider some of the very best gift options for the holidays.


Guitars from Music Mikes

Get your holiday music spirit on with rocking guitars from FENDER and YAMAHA! Santa can stuff those stockings with tuners, straps and much more. Music Mikes makes holiday music shopping a one stop experience. This holiday you can spread the cheer with music and Fender electric guitars as low as $149.95 all through the holidays. Stop in and ask about their guitar package deals and their price match guarantee. They service all major brands.

Music Mikes, 6511 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, (951) 683-7777,


Crooks Skateboard Shop

Don’t you miss the “locals only” attitude, and the old fashioned thrasher-skate shops? Well good news IE, Crooks Skateboard Shop is back! This is the little board shop that won’t go down. After opening a few various Riverside locations that were mysteriously misplaced for a while, Crooks is back—for good. Crooks is famous for their Crooks “Beer Label” boards and t-shirts. What better way to please your skateboarding-obsessed loved one than with that IE classic: A Crooks Coors Yellow-Label Skateboard? Support your local skaters and hooligans, and buy at Crooks!

Crooks Skateboard Shop, 3764 9th St., Riverside, (951) 201-0508,


All Ways Hydro

Do you know somebody with a love for plants? Well Hydroponic and Organic Gardening Supply Shop has taken all the guesswork out of starting a personal indoor gardening system with their “All-in-One Beginners Kit!” This kit includes high quality components and easy to use products for the beginner grower to hone their skills into a full blown passion, and it is just $550. Jingle all the way to All Ways Hydro for that perfect holiday gift that keeps on giving!

All Ways Hydro, 2220 Eastridge Ave. Ste. C., Riverside, (951) 653-7272,


Earth’s Flame

Green Technology is revolutionizing everything from powering our homes to our cars, so it’s no wonder that our fireplaces are now going green as well—and that’s a good thing because our wood-burning fireplaces have been releasing tons of harmful pollutants into the environment. Award-winning Earth’s Flame in Corona has your green solution for under $500! Simply replace your iron grates with an Earth’s Flame Clean Burn System and reduce pollutants by 78 percent! Show Mother Nature some love this holiday season and go green!

Earth’s Flame, (888) 201-8805;


3rd Dimension Smoke Shop

Colton’s 3rd Dimension has been providing the IE with the best selection of water pipes, smoking accessories, body jewelry, hip t-shirts, stickers, posters, incense and now, vape kits for over 15 years! What’s great about a shop that’s been open for over a decade is the knowledgable staff that comes with it. This shop doesn’t disappoint and neither will you if you shop for your hip loved one here. Did someone say stocking stuffers? E-Cig Starter Kit (GG CE5 + Any 15 ML E-Juice) only $19.99 + Tax.

3rd Dimension Smoking Accessories, 825 W. Valley Blvd., Colton, (909) 370-3738,


Nirvana’s 20th anniversary release of In Utero

Most everybody thinks of the album Nevermind when considering Nirvana’s big grunge breakthrough in the 90s. However, In Utero may be a better album. With great songs like “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies,” it makes quite a good case for itself. This 20th anniversary edition includes bonus tracks, such as demos and a 1993 concert, as well as b-sides. Buy it and wrap it in a heart-shaped box for your loved one.

December - Miley Concert - Tickets

Concert Tickets

If you know your gift-ee’s favorite music, you can never go wrong with concert tickets. (Don’t forget: One of the tickets is for you, so how can that be bad?). Even the IE is expected to get some concert love in 2014, including country music’s favorite pop-vocal group, Lady Antebellum (coming to Citizens Business Bank Arena), and the Claremont Folk Festival,  featuring Dave Alvin in its lineup. Material things bought will eventually wear out, but concert memories last forever.

7 Entertainment Reviews Album Review

Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs album

It’s tough not to be extremely skeptical about Bad Religion’s Christmas Songs. If the group’s very name wasn’t reason enough for skepticism, the band’s vocalist Greg Graffin is an outspoken atheist that has even debated with Christians about their belief in God. What results here, however, is a pleasant pop-punk Christmas album, sung and played just as sincerely as Christians might do it. If you can’t take one more Andy Williams version of “White Christmas,” this disc is for you.


iPad Air

When it comes to high tech gadgetry and supermodels, thin is always in. Such is certainly the case with the latest iteration of Apple’s iPad, the iPad Air. If you were a boxer, saying you weighed in at just one pound would be an embarrassment. However, although this skinny tablet may be slight, it’s also made with a refined aluminum unibody enclosure. Furthermore, its 9.7-inch retina display makes pictures look even better than an HDTV.


Timex Modern Originals

Now that everybody uses their phone to tell time, a nice watch really stands out in a crowd. And maybe sweetie wants something he/she can wear for Christmas. So why not get him/her a Timex Modern Original? You know it’s quality because it’s Timex. It’s also going to look great because Timex simply knows how to make visually captivating watches. This is no guarantee your boo won’t still be fashionably late all the time, though.


Nike+ FuelBand SE

Sure, there are countless sports watches out there. However, those spotted wearing the Nike+FuelBand SE activity tracker will be immediately marked as serious athletes. All it takes is that simple familiar swoosh symbol. Everybody recognizes it. Everyone respects it. This baby tracks the intensity of your workouts and gives you a rundown on all kinds of physical activities. Heck, it even counts steps and tells time. (It doesn’t, however, do the actual workout for you).


Google Chromecast

Yes, Google is going to rule the world—if it isn’t already doing so. Nevertheless, Google Chromecast is a cool visual entertainment accessory. This online system takes all the stuff, both online and not, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and updates these all to synchronize with an ever increasing number of apps. You can watch all the stuff you used to only look at on your computer screen; only this time it’s now on your HDTV, instead.

36giftguidePLAYSTATION 4 (1)

Sony Playstation 4

For gamers there is Sony PlayStation 4. This system is highly recommended for its graphics. It also runs with a simplified interface. If you’re trying to decide between it and the Xbox One—its primary competition—keep in mind that this one’s about $100 cheaper. An item like this may be difficult to find, as everybody and their brother will be shopping for one. But if you can get one, it’s a fantastic find.



Jawbone Up Bracelet

When you combine the Jawbone Up bracelet with the UP app, it becomes one powerful fitness tool. This wristband may know you better than you know yourself, as it tracks both your movement and sleep. Then the app shows you your data, allows you to factor in such things as meals and mood, and basically helps you live healthier. Whether you’re looking to track your weight or plot out your bike rides, it’s a great little tool.


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