Charlie Murphy

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The Murphy family is one talented bunch, and although Eddie may get most of the recognition, his younger brother Charlie is quite the crack-up. Not as familiar with him? Then let’s take a look at his credentials as a successful comedian, actor and writer. For most of us, our first memorable encounter with Charlie comes from the Chappelle’s Show where he had a recurring role in Charlie Murphey’s True Hollywood Stories sketches. There, Murphy recounted his misadventures with 1980s celebrities like Prince and Rick James. Yes, we owe him a big thank you for being the man responsible for giving us the most quoted line from the show; “I’m Rick James, bitch!” He’s also been in many films, but didn’t get his first big break until the movie CB4, which hilariously parodies gangsta rap and features Chris Rock, Easy-E, Ice-T, Ice Cube and others. Maybe you still haven’t seen him, but you’ve probably heard his voice on The Boondocks TV show, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game or in a Budweiser radio commercial. He also worked behind the scenes and has the screenwriting credits for Norbit, which starred his older brother. There’s so much more we could say about this funny guy, and if you go see him now . . . you won’t have to buy his newest DVD that’s in the works for his Acid Trip tour. Seeing this tour live will be even better! (Derek Obregon)

Ontario Improv, 4555 Mills Cir., Ontario, (909) 484-5411; Various times. $27. 


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