10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

By Victoria Banegas

Posted December 6, 2013 in Travel
Finding ideal Christmas gifts for everyone on your list is stressful to say the least, making trips to stores packed with holiday shoppers and practically wiping out your bank account. Year after year, we submit ourselves to this torture not knowing if our gifting choices will be a hit or miss. However, this year, we have found 10 simple DIY gift ideas that will help you check of each person from your list while gaining some skills you could use throughout the New Year.

Customized Christmas Mugs

Custom Mug

This is a very simple and cheap idea that can serve as a vessel for many other DIY presents. Purchase as many ceramic coffee mugs as you need from your local dollar store or thrift shop and use a porcelain pen ($3 at craft stores) to create a unique design or write a special message on each mug. Your can tailor these messages to fit each person’s needs on your Christmas list. You can make the gift extra special by stashing some Christmas treats or other homemade nick-nacks inside.

Decorative Candle Holder


A fun gift to give for lovers of home décor is a hand painted glass candleholder. Easily made using an old vase or glass cup, rubber bands and metallic spray paint, this candle holder will make even the most bland looking glass become a one-of-a-kind gift that your loved one will proudly display in their home.  Another thing you could create is a silhouette on the glass using a stencil of any image or text you desire.


Liquor Lollipops


We all like to enjoy a little cocktail here and there so why not create some homemade lollipops spiked to perfection and easy to make. Using your favorite liquor and a few simple household items, these lollipops are a great gift to give in a decorative bag or glass bottle.


S’mores Kit


During the holidays, snuggling up and sitting by the fire has been an age-old tradition. Enhance this experience for family and friends by putting together some very cute and inexpensive s’mores kits. There are plenty of ways to present this gift so let yourself become imaginative and assemble them however you’d like. But don’t forget to add a dash of Christmas flare.


Recycled Sweater Scarf

sweater scarf

Scarves are one of the best accessories a girl or guy could have during the holiday season. Using old sweaters from your closet or the second hand store, try repurposing them by sewing up a very stylish and cozy sweater scarf. Channel your inner fashionista by mixing different textures and colors your loved ones will enjoy.


Spoon Ring


A very precious little gem you can make for your best friend, sister or mother would be an antique inspired spoon ring. Using the handle of old decorative spoons and a couple of tools from the shed, bend the spoon to a desired size and voila! You now have a lovely piece of jewelry to box and wrap just in time for Chirstmas.


Comic Book Coasters


You really want to make your guy happy this Christmas? With a quick trip to home depot or your local craft store, you can use old comics or other printed images to create one-of-a-kind coasters for your guy’s in-home bar or hang out spot. Comics, cars, sports, you name it! The possibilities are endless when choosing a design for these coasters giving you room to decide just what’s right for the one you love.


Handmade Wallet

DIY wallet

For this project you may have to sacrifice an old leather jacket or bag if you don’t have some scrap materials lying around. More classy than the ever-popular duct tape wallet, this rustic-looking men’s wallet is simple to make and will remind him of you every time he reaches in his pockets.


Handmade Ties


If you’re not willing to sacrifice your precious pleathers keep your man in style by making some cheap and simple ties of various shapes and sizes with a multitude of materials to use, like wood, paper and fabrics. You can assemble any type of tie you desire. With the help of manmadecity.com you will not have trouble finding the right tie to suit your guy.


Tool Organizer

Tired of walking in to the garage to find a slew of tools thrown around? Make a colorful tool organizing pouch or board, helping out the entire family. These easy to make projects can be found on various DIY websites and they are easy to build and customize to your preferences.


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