Giving Credit When It’s Due: The Doritos Locos Tacos

By Ashley Bennett

Posted December 13, 2013 in Web Only

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44-1 Doritos Taco creator dies (1)Let’s give thanks to the man who created the ingenious and innovative Doritos taco shell.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he originally pitched his idea to Frito-lay in 2009, but they rejected. He continued campaigning for it through his Facebook page “Taco Shells Made From Doritos Movement” and proceeded to Photoshop celebrities and characters holding a Doritos taco shell (there’s one image of Keanue Reeves staring at the magnificent creation after taking a large photo-shopped bite).

Out of the blue, Taco Bell contacted Mills in 2012 and flew him to Taco Bell’s test kitchen to try the first ever Dorito Taco.

Sadly on Thanksgiving however, Todd Mills passed away from brain cancer at age 41.

Taco Bell gave no compensation to Mills for the idea, although the company donated $1,000 to his medical treatments. In a statement last Wednesday, Taco Bell posted a message regarding Mill’s Taco Bell fandom and openly stated that he didn’t invent the idea. Hmm, I’m pretty sure Taco Bell wasn’t taste-testing the Doritos Taco in 2009 when Mills first created his page to gain publicity for the creation. For shame, Taco Bell. It reminds me of another selfish time when Taco Bell founder Glen Bell stole secrets from Mitla Cafe in San Bernardino in order to create his Mexican fast-food empire.Keana Doritos Ready

Most of what Taco Bell offers on its menu isn’t very good when considering the taste factor, however the Doritos Tacos have definitely become a hot-selling item. I couldn’t turn down Cool Ranch chips offered out of the bag, let alone a taco with a delicious and heavily spiced outer shell. They’re good, and Taco Bell has made them very successful.

My recommendation to Taco Bell: show some class and make a generous donation to the Mills family. We all blame you for making us fat already, don’t make us blame you for being heartless too.


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