Knock-Out’s Farewell Show

By Derek Obregon

Posted December 26, 2013 in Web Only

Knock-Out FarewellDeep down in the ‘dive-y’ glory of The Vibe lies local talent from all over the Inland Empire. Knock-Out is one local band that got its start at The Vibe back in 2004 and has toured the world with various lineups. But Knock-Out never got “too big” for Riverside. The band always remembered its roots by making it back home  for a “Home for the Holidays” show every Christmas.

However, December 21, 2013 marked the end of a fun career that began and would conclude at the same local venue. The normally low-profile bar was packed to the brim with people by the end of the night. You knew it would be a crazy show because it was hard to find a seat at the bar for the opening act, Eve of Destruction. It put on a fun performance with its non-traditional “love” song. After it was done, Buddha Bomb took the stage. The spunky chick singer, Kimtastic, rocked it with her 6-piece band; even making her way to the bar and singing on top of it at one point.

The venue got warm, but Chris Murray came on to do a much needed mellow acoustic set. The air settled and his relaxing vibe set up the next act, The Debonaires (who were nothing short of debonair). The band has a smooth and sophisticated sound with a diverse mix of reggae/ska/rocksteady beats that made everyone move.

Then, finally, the moment everyone was waiting for had arrived. As Knock-Out was setting up to play its last show ever the excitement was visible on everyone’s face from a mile away. The enthusiasm built up as the band sound-checked, getting ready to jam. As soon as the music began, everyone began singing, dancing, drinking, pitting and even occasionally stage diving along to their favorite tunes. All of the opening bands may have poured their hearts out on stage, but it was only Knock-Out that poured out its soul.

It wasn’t your typical live show because of all the previous members throughout the years came up and played, so every version of Knock-Out made its appearance. The current lineup of Jared Palazzolo, Austin Philips and Hoss Scholz rocked a few songs. Then the original and energetic bassist, Anthony Marquez, joined the band to play a couple of songs off Knock-Out’s first album, Let Go.

Second long-time bassist, Logan Barton, was a character up on stage. The tall, bearded musician played in short-shorts and loved every minute of hamming it up. A rotating assortment of guests, friends and members from other bands were a constant presence on stage; making it a giant party.

After the last song was played, it was time to say goodbye. The venue emptied out, but the band got up on stage one last time.

Years of talent, good times and memories showed in the smiles of the members, present and past, as Knock-Out took its final bow. The music may be over, but the memories everyone has will live on forever.


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