LOCALS ONLY: New Manners

By Zachariah Weaver

Posted December 6, 2013 in Web Only
New Manners Promo

Upland-native alt-indie band, New Manners released a self-titled EP that gets down to what I like to call, good ol’ indie rock. The band mixes clean rhythm sections and minor distorted guitar leads in such a garage-type scenario you’d think you were in the same room, listening to your friends show you new material. In my opinion, this EP gives a perfect snapshot of where modern indie and soft rock needs to keep going. And New Manners should be in charge of directing.

The first track—“Smaller Clothes” grabs the ears the same way a little band called Death Cab For Cutie might have done when opening albums with a semi-ballads about some loveable, inanimate object. The song is a perfect opener and brings the listener in right away so they know what to expect the rest of the time.

For the most part, I am not usually drawn to a band that caters to a small audience of people who either love it or hate it. Mostly, I want something universally rad to be playing out of my speakers. But with this release, New Manners has given me something to reconsider. I don’t care what people think, these songs make me wish I could immediately play a guitar or drum set, and the groove makes me want to move and dance.

“Don’t Mind It,” the band’s single for the EP, begins with one of those guitar riffs you swear you’ve heard somewhere before. Then you realize it’s because you’ve been listening to it constantly for the past few days and it’s already bringing back memories. This tune is the album grabber; it sticks out but can also blend right in, almost unnoticeably.

“Selfish Ghost,” is the track that brings up the energy in the middle of the album, but it’s closer to the end than normal. It gives the EP that push over the hill which sometimes stands in the middle of a listener finishing it all the way through. Standing at 1:52 mins in length, the song gets in and comes right back out, pulling the free-to-dance emotions of any listener along with it.EP Artwork

To end the EP, New Manners’ lead vocalist, Nick Camacho brings in a bit of the up-and-close, personal touch by opening “Natural” with an acoustic picking riff and an entire string section weaving through the music in the back.

Stay tuned for a show this weekend, Dec. 7 at dba256 Wine Bar in Pomona. The band will be performing all the new EP’s songs plus new ones.


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