By Zachariah Weaver

Posted December 26, 2013 in Web Only

906651_452308871518994_582877666_oAll the way from beautiful Upland, Calif., Say True has brought back that catchy, Dashboard Confessional-like indie, emo-pop. Recorded at The Wire in their hometown, the band has made an EP that will keep them staying true to this whole band/career thing.

The first track—“Glossolalia” opens up with musical swells like you’d hear on an old Death Cab For Cutie album and then it breaks open with a guitar riff that kicks the two-stepish drum beat into full gear. Lead vocalist Donavan Foy, lets his high range carry this song’s story in a somber but all-around energetic manner.

“Lorem Ipsum”—the third track off Say True’s EP brings the mood down, but in the best way possible. The drums, replicating what goes on in arena eighties rock songs, give a sound that completes this tune. The toms and the pretty, high 16th notes on the guitar move in one motion throughout the track and give a great basis for Foy’s high register once again. Not to mention, the back up vocals are on a different level.

The second track—“Ellipsis” is a song that shows off the talent of Foy’s lyrical storytelling. “And the light from your window always shines into mine. We’re always awake at the same time. Well I guess that’s just the way we are, so close but always too far.” This paints a picture so perfectly about two people longing for each others love and company but life making it a bit impossible for things to work out between them. The lyrics and the vocal melody also go great together over the palm-muted guitar throughout the verses and the open and large choruses.906594_452308858185662_949649463_o

“Sieves” the fourth track, opens strangely sounding like a Coldplay tune from 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head. It has the inspirational drum backed by the single mid-note drone guitar riff and settles down into a slow-rock verse. But this isn’t a bad thing at all. Say True handles this song with a lot of maturity as musicians. The song pulls at certain emotional strings that I’ve never heard before, but it doesn’t go too crazy with them.

One of the coolest intro’s off the album is the last track, “Sharp Teeth Squared.” It’s bouncy but in a happy-go-lucky type of way. It’s much more serious and dream-like. I could picture this song being included in the 2007 film, The Invisible.

Keep up-to-date with where Say True will be playing next on the concerts page on Facebook. And remember, always stay true to your local bands.


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