LOCALS ONLY: The Big Nothing

By Zachariah Weaver

Posted December 19, 2013 in Web Only
463790_217838828370368_1665102563_oThe Big Nothing is full of something—something great. This local Inland Empire gem resembles an eighties wave sound but initially reminds me of the dark surf rock band Real Estate. But The Big Nothing nestles itself in an even darker corner with their latest release Take Care of You.

The first track—“Take Care of You”—the title track, is one of those songs that has a progression that seems to keep going and going, as if you were traveling down a long desert road that never ended. The song is sonically the happiest song on the EP and it’s a great song to hear if you’re listening to the band for the first time.

Nothing is wrong with the production of the album as one might try and announce when first listening, it’s just the low-fi sound that is really popular right now. And The Big Nothing captures that noise aggressively by mixing in many more distorted sounds in the mix than would normally be heard.

“Normal People”—the second track on the album is typically different than anything I’ve heard in a long time. Many bands are giving the low-fi style a new and modern treatment these days, but The Big Nothing gets real old school low-fi and garage-like with this tune.

It sounds similar to a track you’d hear at a special Halloween show where the band is just jamming on some droopy beats and some scary noises at a Cal-Arts art show concert. But it’s great because it fits the high art style the band is going for.

Track three—“Hero” has a guitar tag line that is what I’d like to say is irresistible. The song makes you feel like you’re in the film The Virgin Suicides trapped in this dreamy state of mind. But somehow, you feel just as happy as you are feeling dazed. The beat of the song makes you bob your head and even want to walk around the block to the groove.1015670_10200403337703851_642160397_o

The last track makes you feel like you traveled back in time to an 80s Sadie Hawkins dance and the high school favorite local band happened to bring some extra gear with them, start playing their best song and everyone looked at them as heroes from there-on out.

“Washed Up” is a tune where the guitars fly around in solo heaven and the bass fuzz comes sprinkling in through the mix on all the right parts of the song. The snare drum sounds perfectly 80s glam pop and the beat is just fast enough for this high school fantasy to have come true at some point in your parents’ old year books.

Check out The Big Nothing’s EP on their BandCamp where you can ‘name your price’ for the album download.


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