Murdering Husband on the Run

By Derek Obregon

Posted December 6, 2013 in Web Only
20120522_042400_BN23-CPS-BODY-01-RLDomestic disturbances are never pretty, and if you’ve ever heard the yelling and screaming between a heated couple, you know things can turn sour on a dime.

That’s the unfortunate case for 28-year-old Ashley Atherley, a wife and mother who’s life was taken from this earth by her own husband, 29-year-old Edly Atherley.

San Bernardino Police were called to check on Ashley’s welfare by concerned family members since the couple had been estranged for a few months. When officers arrived, they say that Atherley was found dead from apparent stab wounds in the bathroom. It also appeared to the officers that she had been severely beaten.

Ashley’s family reported they did know about their daughter’s troubled past because this was not the first incident of domestic abuse reported in the relationship. In fact, Ashley decided she’d had enough because she recently filed for divorce. Atherley’s father, Scott Hall, even begged her to come home before something bad happened.

“She was in a domestic abusive relationship, and she was on her way out, she was almost out,” said Hall. “She had a travel pack, she was ready to go and she got her own place. From the last attack she was scared, scared for her life. We wanted her to come home but he got to her before we had that chance.”

A car Atherley borrowed from a family member was also found parked near the crime scene with blood inside, so it was seized to search for more evidence.

The police believe that Edly may still be slithering around the San Bernardino area because a security guard spotted him at the Metrolink trying to buy a ticket.

“A security guard asked him if he needed help but Atherley ran from him so the guard called us,” police spokesman Lt. Paul Williams said. It was too late because Edly ran off and got away. It is believed that he was trying to buy a ticket to Union Station in downtown L.A. because he has family down there. He also has family in Sylmar and Valencia, so those are a few other possible locations the man could be trying to get to.Atherley

“His family has been very cooperative with us,” said San Bernardino Police Detective Carl Williams. “We have been in contact with them several times, and at this point they would like to see him turn himself in also.”

Ashley Atherley’s mother, Lucia Robles, said this man is an animal, he has a rotted heart, and he needs to suffer for what he did to her. Ashley’s parents are also trying to secure guardianship of their two granddaughters, who were placed into protective custody with Edly’s family in Simi Valley.

Police believe Edly is extremely dangerous, so you should leave it to the professionals if you happen to see him. If there is anything you may know about his whereabouts, you are urged to call police Detective Al Tello at (909) 384-5747 or Sgt. Carl Williams at (909) 693-6665.


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