The Watch Dog: Defenseless Elderly Woman Stabbed in San Bernardino

By Derek Obregon

Posted December 19, 2013 in Web Only
N_STABBING_1203_3XV0WMGSCRobbery and murder are sad instances that almost always should never happen. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, these kinds of things happen very often. What really adds to the worst of situations is when these kinds of things happen to people that can barely defend themselves.

Take 76-year-old Loyce Comstock, for instance. She was born in Dallas Texas, but moved to San Bernardino to be closer to her relatives and daughter, Lorrie Cook. She was a trusting lady who worked as an office manager for Seibert Security Services in San Bernardino. She did the scheduling, hiring and even fired a few people. She was also a barmaid at the now closed Pine Cove bar in San Bernardino when she was younger. That is where she met her husband, Navy veteran Raymond Comstock.

They have been married for quite time and the couple should be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary on Dec. 31. That, will not be happening because Loyce was stabbed to death in a home invasion robbery.

Raymond works the night shift as a security guard and he has always been concerned about leaving his wife at the house alone. He would call and check on her and have family check on her when they could to make sure everything was alright.

Friends would beg Loyce to lock the doors to the house whenever Raymond went to work, but she did not listen.

After his shift was over during the weekend, Raymond came home to face his worst fears. He could care less about the samurai sword collection, daggers and other valuables that robbers took, what he cared about was that they took his wife’s life. She was a sweetheart that did not deserve such a cruel fate, he said.

Although she may have been retired at 55 due to having rheumatoid arthritis, the homeless people that used to stay by the Salvation Army near the couples previous home knew her as “the pancake lady” because she would make 50-100 pancakes every Sunday to feed the homeless.

She was also involved in an arts and crafts program through a San Bernardino senior center, taught crocheting and donated the items to Santa Claus Inc. to help needy families.N_STABBING_1203_1_3XV0WMHDM

Eventually, her arthritis and other illnesses kept her at home in her most recent years. She couldn’t really do too much, and needed help with the simplest tasks like getting out of the chair and getting dressed.

Raymond took a part time job to supplement their social security and always feared for his wife’s safety because of the headlines he read lately about senior citizens being targeted for robberies. Loyce did not share this concern, and left the front door unlocked every night.

If you have any clues or information that may aid police in finding the killer of an innocent old lady, please call Detective Rob Trostle or Sgt. Rick Bessinger at (909) 387-3589. If you wish to remain anonymous, feel free to call WeTip at 800-78-CRIME.


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