Jay Kasai

By Victoria Banegas

Posted January 30, 2014 in Music
(WEB)botwCITY OF ORIGIN: San Bernardino.

KINDRED SPIRITS: Lupe Fiasco, Drake, The Internet and Tyler The Creator.

RECENT RELEASES: God’s Complex (July, 2013).

WEBSITES:  www.jaykasai.bandcamp.com; www.twitter.com/jaykasai.

FREQUENTS: The Vibe Bar and Grill (Riverside), National Orange Show (San Bernardino).


A success story in the making, Jay Kasai is an ambitious young adult with a knack for more than just music. Recently, Kasai has earned multiple filmmaking awards at the San Bernardino Valley College Film Festival for his short, God’s Complex, a visually compelling narrative that features tracks from his album. Accomplished as he is, Kasai’s success didn’t come over night, working full-time while attending school; he was able to save up enough money for his film and music equipment. After spending two years perfecting his skills, Kasai has become one of the San Bernardino’s lead sound-mixing engineers, gaining an impressive repertoire of clientele. Saving some of the talent for himself, Kasai’s songs are flawlessly mixed, creating a crisp, professional sound that can only be obtained by a true creative. With one album under his belt, Kasai has been working on a second along with independent label, OhGoshLeotus. Although young, Kasai has accomplished a lot in the past few years and should be on your “must listen” list for 2014!


Tell me about your song writing process.

Jay Kasai: I usually only write late at night, because that seems to be when the inspiration always hits. I always try to let the instrumental speak to me and see what thoughts come to mind and let my lyrics convey it. I always start with melodies and cadences then match lyrics afterwards.


What can fans expect from a live performance?

 Kasai: My live performances always have high levels of energy and expect at least one a capella. Whenever possible I bring out fellow artists I’ve done work with because that is something I like to see as a fan when I go to shows also.


Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Kasai: My previous album is the soundtrack to a short film I wrote and directed also titled God’s Complex. Look for it on YouTube. My next project will be the soundtrack to a horror film I plan to shoot and release next winter, so find me online and stay updated!

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