The Rundown

By Molly McFly

Posted January 30, 2014 in News
TheRundown111Wednesday, January 22

As if to make my Hump Day even worse, an LA Weekly article regarding the impending San Andreas Fault strike-slip fault revealed how truly devastating an earthquake can be to this area—seriously frightening stuff. One video, created by Stanford University, predicts how the impending “Big One” will affect us, showing underground ripples traveling throughout Palm Springs and the desert, all the way down to San Diego and an especially violent set of movement running straight through Los Angeles—meaning that the IE is right in the middle of it all. Screwed? You betcha.

Now I’m paranoid about having an escape plan: Make some of those food kits, make sure my many cats won’t run away and get killed, create a makeshift safety-hideout.

Then again, I’m already pretty prepared with my Zombie Survival Kit (and they called me crazy!)


Thursday, January 23

Poor sushi chefs . . . How can they make master-craft, delicious, traditional sushi if they have to wear gloves?!


Friday, January 24

Pre-party time! Time to start planning for the weekend. Junk food stash is full, Netflix account active; yup, I’m all set.


Saturday, January 25

Somewhere in Northern California, an elementary school teacher was arrested for baking marijuana into a potluck dish that she brought to a small faculty party. It was probably just a joke, I know I would like to see how some of my own co-workers act when they’re high—but unfortunately, a kid got his hands on that food too. And when you hurt the kid, you hurt the parent—then everybody’s angry.


Sunday, January 26

For not winning any Oscars—ever—in his life, Leonardo DiCaprio is a pretty good sport. From his early days in films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Romeo + Juliet, it took the man a long time to get out of that romantic little girl’s fantasy role—a skin he finally shed with films like Blood Diamond and my personal favorite, Inception.

Even with his more seriously driven career, DiCaprio won’t ever be able to live down the part he became known for: Jack Dawson in Titanic. This weekend, SNL featured a romantic “flying” scene—with Leo holding Wolf of Wall Street actor, Jonah Hill. Leo held Hill lovingly in his arms, cheek-to-cheek.

Ooh la la. Yeah, even with chubby Jonah Hill instead of Kate Winslet, Leo still evokes my doe-eyed Bambi-eyes . . . I still can’t stop dreaming that could be me some day . . .  sigh.


Monday, January 27

In the world of online gaming, players typically pay for the game (a retail price) and then pay a monthly subscription to play. It’s no biggie, you pay for your cell phone every month don’t you?

But in the world of EVE Online, a science fiction based MMO where micro transactions rule the galaxy, the premise is a little different. It’s a world on its own, powered by players who have jobs and essentially work them—or just pay real-world money for a better ship.

If players want to earn new ships with their time and dedication, the average-sized “Guardian” Cruiser would take about four hours to earn. Or they could just pay $8 American dollars. The largest of ships, called the “Avatar,” would take 3400 hours to earn—and $7,600 to purchase in real money. Also noteworthy, once a ship is destroyed, it’s gone FOREVER. Unless you buy another one.

However today, due to a simple missed rent payment, one of the largest wars in the game’s history began. Over $284,000 worth of money spent on ships were destroyed with over 2,000 players online at once, all participating in a battle that literally took all day.

What the WHAT?!

I wish some sort of battle would rage when I don’t pay my bills. Ok, I’m done nerding out—for now.


Tuesday, January 28

By now, everyone knows that Justin Bieber was arrested for a number of offenses.

The kid is out of control, so the people of the U.S. are taking matters into their own hands. In fact, people actually set up a legitimate petition on the White House’s own “We The People” web page, demanding that if the correct amount of signatures are received, Justin Bieber will be deported.

It’s not just a hissy-fit being thrown by parents because Bieber is making the young daughters of America swoon (why, I have no idea.) It’s a notice identifying his “dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug abusing” habits and a demand to revoke his green card. With a complete 100,000 signatures received as of this writing, the White House has no choice but to take notice. For now, it’s likely that the idiot celebrity is here to stay.


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