N.O.S. Live

Posted January 30, 2014 in
(WEB)pick-NOSFri, Jan. 31

We have had a long week of work and school, so when the weekend comes around, we are all ready for a great escape. What’s a better escape than where music can take us? Enjoy some good beats and good rhymes at the National Orange Show Center where Half Valve Entertainment presents N.O.S. Live—a special EP release event and concert for IE hip-hop artists: StoneXSober and CJ Westley. StoneXSober is a hot new hip-hop duo brought to life by IE natives Cam Archer and Kidd Dryden. Let loose with cool tunes and of course, win free stuff. This event is in celebration of StoneXSober’s debut EP, Half-Gone and among them, fellow hip-hop artist CJ Westley will be releasing his first full length album entitled #OVRSLPT. But the fun doesn’t not stop there—the show goes on with live performances from the likes of D’zyl 5K1, Jay Kasai, Fitz Taylor, Tru Speech and Caleb Lombard. Catch some performance snag some free goodies—oh did we mention that the show is only five-bucks? (Dulce Balandran)

The National Orange Show Center, 930 S. Arrowhead Ave., Gate 10, San Bernardino; www.halfvalveent.com. Admission $5.


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