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The story goes like this. Back in ‘93, Snoop came on the mainstream hip-hop market with his debut album, Doggystyle. Not sure if you’re familiar with it, but this record had a marginally popular song by the name of “Gin and Juice.” After going on to top the Billboard chart at #1, the debut record continued on as the foundation for his 20+ years on the scene. Not only has Snoop made himself a pinnacle part of hip-hop culture, but he has added philanthropist and documentary filmmaker to his list of accomplishments. After taking a recording trip to the sunny island of Jamaica, Snoop found his spirit animal and has resurfaced to grace us all with his new moniker, Snoop Lion. Now, with his new project REINCARNATED, Snoop has given us a taste of reggae flavor in his new music, a photo book for our viewing pleasure and a feature-length film chronicling his travels and the progression of his album. On top of this, Mr. Lion is spearheading Mind Gardens, a self-sustainable gardening initiative that will positively hit the eyes and ears of the millions of new and old Snoop fans worldwide. To get a glimpse of Snoop Lion in his natural habitat, catch him on stage at the Fantasy Springs Resort. Get pumped for songs from the era of Snoop Dogg, but also that of the newly crowned king of the OG jungle, Snoop Lion. (Kim Johnson)

Fantasy Springs Resort, 84-245 Indio Springs Dr., Indio. (760) 345-2450; 8pm. $39-$89. 

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