Soft Sound Loud Loud Sound Soft

By Derek Obregon

Posted January 2, 2014 in

(WEB)pickGLENNBACHThurs, Jan. 2

Art means everything to some people, and music means everything to others. It’s not every day that the two come together and join so harmoniously, but that is the case with Philip Mantione and Glenn Bach. Their performance of sound entitled Soft Sound Loud Loud Sound Soft comes from two guys that take different approaches to the musical art they create. Mantione is a full-time faculty member at the Art Institute of California in the Inland Empire, where he teaches various courses in audio technology and production. He usually samples very soft sounds, like pins dropping, and then raises their levels so you can listen in detail to an almost inaudible sound. That will be paired with Bach’s music, which typically features loud sounds, like distorted guitars that have been manipulated or drastically reduced in volume so the listener can enjoy every subtle timbre and texture they create. Mantione will also be playing on a custom electronic Aeolian harp that’s traditionally designed to be played by wind, which adds atmosphere. You can be as free as the sounds that shouldn’t be heard together, and get an up close encounter with these unique sounds. Just follow along with the long-term and ever growing project know as Atlas Sets; a concept conceived by Bach that is a “collaborative conversation about musical map-making, contemplative practice, creative community and artistic intention.”

Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7111; 7pm-8:30pm. Free. 


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