Molino’s Coffee

By Ashley Bennett

Posted January 3, 2014 in Web Only

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IMG_7023editThere are plenty of coffee shops to go around in Riverside, many within just a few blocks of the Mission Inn. Though, this makes it especially difficult for some up-and-coming shops to stand out.

I’ve come to find that Riverside has a decent area to walk around and explore, and one morning I found myself strolling past the usual unique boutiques and restaurants. That is, until I spotted and stopped by the city’s newest: Molino’s Coffee.

It’s a new little coffee shop, but one with plenty of moxie. It has that particular ‘hipster’ element, a quaint array of items (a lovely chandelier, randomly placed books, etc.) but with a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a shop you’re invited to hang out in, play a game of dominoes and people-watch outside from the scenic window that looks out onto the front face of the Mission Inn.

I’ll be honest, I can’t say coffee is my thing (I’m more of a tea kind of gal). However, I did order a mean Hot Cocoa which proved to be the perfect beverage to keep me warm during my walk. At the time of my first visit, Christmas was still reaching its peak and Molino’s was only two weeks old. Now that the coffee shop has been open a little bit longer, it’s launched a new menu with a very special addition: Cuban coffees. Cute cups of Cortaditos and Cubanos proudly cover their most current Facebook feed.IMG_7034edit

Whether you’re familiar with that style of coffee or simply curious to how it compares to your normal cup of joe, Molino’s is the place to check out.

Molino’s Coffee, 3660 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 276-7147;


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