The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s amazing lineup of Asian inspired dishes

By Ashley Bennett

Posted January 22, 2014 in Web Only
_Bite Me LogoThe Chinese New Year is quickly approaching (it happens on Sat, Jan. 31 for those not in the know) and there’s no better time to skip the diet and indulge in some sweet and spicy dishes. The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has got a few amazing new menu items, themed around the Asian inspired flavors. Best of all, these dishes are already available at the Rancho location and better yet permanent additions to an already deliciously unique menu. Warning: You will get very, very hungry after reading and viewing the following.

Start off the Chinese New Year with an ample supply of Dim Sum Dumplings. With a total of six tasty appetizers, three filled with shrimp shumai and three with pork pot stickers, these steamy little morsels are the perfect start to any meal. Plus, the special sesame soy sauce adds some extra “umph” to these little babes.

As a side or just a healthy addition, dive into a mountain of steamy BBQ Pork Fried Rice. Rolled throughout this dish is the tender meat of pork rolled weaved equally through a variety of rice, scrambled eggs, bean sprouts, carrots, peas, red bell peppers, green onions and squash. Each forkful is a testament to filling: there’s almost no way that a single person can completely demolish this mound. On a further positive note, there will be plenty of leftovers!

By far one of my favorites on this visit was the Hawaiian Sticky Ribs, which came with sides of Umami Fries and Asian slaw. The ribs were a tender mess, the meat sliding easily off of the bone; all the while an addicting sweet sauce covered my fingers and mouth. I came, I saw, I devoured. Even more impressive were the Umami fries which, at first glance, appear to be covered in cheese. Don’t mistake this side for being like every other, the Umami is a light sauce with a very interesting consistency. If not for the ribs, order this meal for the fries.

For a more equalized dinner (aka watching our waists), the Beef and Broccolini can do you no wrong. Similar to the more popular vegetable, broccolini is known for having long stalks and smaller, less bunchy florets. Together mixed with thin and tender slices of beef (picture the meat just melting in your mouth) carrots and tossed in a sweet soy and sesame sauce, the becomes a heavenly mixture. With a side of white or brown rice, it’s probably the healthiest on the new menu. Admit it, even with the daunting broccolini, this looks pretty damn good.

Diners with a sweet tooth might indulge in the Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry. I know, anyone who’s not used to tofu instantly picture a nasty cube of foreign white substance. For those who really want to spare the animal, the tofu found in this dish is far from odd. Think of a much better version of Panda Express’ Orange Chicken, with a much better taste, and you’ll get the tofu in this dish—plus a variety of other vegetables and a side of brown rice.

Also noteworthy, the tofu dish is made at The Lazy Dog’s Wok Station. Manned by a single cook, the dishes prepared here take only moments to fully cook—less than five minutes in total. Whipping around all of the ingredients in a large circular pan, the food is cooked at especially high temperatures and regulated by a surrounding pool of water. It takes a special talent to make sure these wok dishes are prepared evenly and it’s impressive to watch. Don’t believe me? There’s a glass window allowing anyone who’s curious to watch the process.

Fans of noodles will love the Thai Noodles dish, an amalgamation of steaming shrimp, ground chicken and tofu mixed with peanuts, bean sprouts, green onions and carrots mixed with a traditional pad Thai sauce.

And finally, the last Asian inspired dish of the Lazy Dog: The glorious Sriracha Chicken Sandwich. Given the recent news (and panic of Sriracha fans losing their beloved hot sauce), this sandwich is lovingly slathered with the stuff, along with the cooling factor of a spicy herb aioli sauce, bacon and the cooling factor of pickled cucumber salad layering a thick, juicy portion of chicken breast.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, there’s no better place to simply dive into a world of exciting Asian flavors. Plus, who can refuse anything with Sriracha on it?

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, 11560 4th St., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 987-4131;


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