By Zachariah Weaver

Posted January 9, 2014 in Web Only

Flower Boy ReadySweet, melodic voices and dramatic, plucky guitar lines fill Chino Hills’ indie band Flower Boy’s new single “Lemonade.” Self-proclaimed as “dream grunge for flower punks,” this little trio band based in the IE has set new standards for what beautiful, alternative music means.

Lead vocalist, Kaitlynn “Lucas” gives the group’s newest song that dreamy attitude. The voice fills the mix without pulling too much attention away from the ominous-sounding synth that’s constantly going throughout the entire song.

A very cool aspect of the song is that you can hear the buzz of the guitar amp at certain areas in the song. It gives the sound that genuine feeling punk music gives fans. The rawness is embracive in “Lemonade,” probably being why I like it so much.

Another great move Flower Boy pulled off perfectly is the mix of all the backing vocals as the song progresses. The backing voices seem to be written into the song in such a way that one could barely notice them. Yet, without them, the song would feel empty, strange and incomplete. They hold a lot of structural power and pull at some very emotional strings for any listener.

The drums are again, another spectacle all on their own. The way they are played and recorded give the slow ambience a good amount of energy without changing the tune’s mood entirely. And Flower Boy gets it spot on when the release the drums when the bridge kicks in. It’s strange how less can always be used as something more in certain areas.

To go along with the new single, Flower Boy teamed up for a music video directed by David Adesman and Cory Nixon. Let me tell you, it’s great. Be prepared for your expectations to be switched as you see the story come together in the video.

At first, you think it may be another music video with some guys and girls going back to the house to hang and get to know each other. But wait for the moment when the girls take over and the boys, well they get sort of dressed up.

Flower Boy is making a very good sound for the IE. Rally around your local band and support them as they make plans for the upcoming year. They are in the works of finishing recording of an EP. Keep your ears perked and eyes peeled for more material from the band and more chances to see Flower Boy live. Check out their single on BandCamp.


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