LOCALS ONLY: Robert Jon and the Wreck

By Zachariah Weaver

Posted January 3, 2014 in Web Only
540775_569907716367766_372068641_nFeeling in the mood to pump your fist high up in the air to a bunch of crazy, but oh-so-good rock n’ roll music? Then Robert Jon and the Wreck is the perfect way to rock out in the beginning of 2014. Their latest album Rhythm of the Road EP is such a perfect collection of rock songs, it’s insane.

Starting off the record with the title song, “Rhythm of the Road,” the track brings in their fast rock n’ roll style with a similar beat to The Black Keys’ song “Howlin’ For You.”

However, the Wreck doesn’t toy around and try and steal some other song’s beat. No, they make “Rhythm of the Road” with an original groove and touch it up with some power-rock guitar riffs.

The beginning also sets the mood for the entire EP. It has a little southern swing to all the songs and the guitar perfectly translates that fact in so many ways and different sounds.

The third track—“Don’t Let the Fire Burn Out” is a perfect track to include on this album. It has the stompy attitude that songs like “We Will Rock You,” by Queen had but it has the poppy and rock modern undertones backing it up.

It’s a great statement to make in today’s indie, pop and hip-hop culture. Robert Jon and the Wreck keeps an older genre both relevant and edgy with this EP.

“Breaker,”—the fourth song—surges a listener into longing for a life of freedom, rock n’ roll style. Lead vocalist Robert Jon Burrison sings about a girl being a breaker and “What’s a life with a dead end road? What’s a thrill if the case is closed?” He gives the listener a traditional rock vocal treatment but mixes love and one-life-to-live attitudes throughout the song.

To end the EP, “Water” is a track that shows off the talent this group has with writing complex parts but presenting them in a simple manner.

The drum beat at the beginning echoes throughout the verses but it closes up a bit for the pre-chorus and choruses. This move is perfect on the Wreck’s part. They make the chorus easy to digest and use the verses as a time to breakdown their individual flairs.

Robert Jon and the Wreck are constantly playing live shows around southern Calif. In fact, their next locations are super close to the heartland of the IE. Their FB cover photo gives details of a Fullerton show later next month. So for only a 20 min. ride, you can go rock out live.

Also, if you’d like to travel, they’ll be at the Casbah on Jan. 20. Be ready to pump those fists and shake those hands in the air, cause the Wreck will have you moving to the rhythm of their own road.


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