LOCALS ONLY: Their Wedding

By Zachariah Weaver

Posted January 30, 2014 in Web Only
1265339_375394352589498_798966275_oLos Angeles based, Inland Empire frequenters, Their Wedding, came out with a solid EP release back in Sept. 2013. Take EP is a great pop reflection of indie sounds and beats.

Vocalist ‘Michael’ gives the band’s sound a soft, Bon Iver type of layer that seems to make the music ghostly and a bit eighties-like. As if Justin Vernon decided to make the soundtrack for the new sequel to Top Gun, which actually sounds amazing.
The first track—“Want” has a really cool gallop beat going the whole way through and sounds like it was done by palm-muted strums of an acoustic guitar. The album is very electronic, so if it was done by an acoustic guitar it would be a nice taste of fresh air by mixing analog and digital effects together.
Track two—“Hiding” is a tune that keeps the soothing eighties vibe going but in a more R&B manner. Kicking in with a half time electronic drum machine beat, the verse plays between tight rhythm and atmospheric swelling sounds and an auto-tuned bridge.
Personally, I think the auto tuning could have been used the entire time if they were going for that vibe. It does sound a bit out of place coming in halfway through the song.
“Want” and “Hiding” were the singles Their Wedding released before the EP came out and I must say, great choices with perfect representation of what the EP was going to sound like.
The fourth tune—“Men” begins with a little piano lick intro and then breaks down into a half time ballad. Giving us the full range of his vocals, ‘Michael’ explores the emotional strings of his melodies and gives everyone something to slow dance to.
A big influence that seems to shine through this entire album, but specifically this tune, is Bon Iver’s Bon Iver. The melodramatic pauses in the melodies throughout the verses are at times a bit identical, but have an originality of their own in many other moments.
Surprisingly, the last track—“Take” is almost completely different then the rest of the EP. There is a vocal solo in the beginning that rubs off a little bit like a Phil Collins tune. And that’s impressive in many ways, but it is a bit sad to not here another tune that matches the sound of the rest of the album.
All in all, the album sounds great. But don’t let me make that decision for you. Head over to Their Wedding’s Bandcamp and buy and download all the tracks! Don’t forget to make it out to the band’s live set at Pomona’s DBA Wine Bar with New Manners.


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