By Zachariah Weaver

Posted January 17, 2014 in Web Only
1146247_614861998534585_318519932_oI’ve been waiting to write about an album from the duo pop-rock band, Verdoux from Upland Calif. for about four months now. During my research on talented IE bands, I fond this gem announcing that at some point in the near future they’d have a full-length album out. So, I waited.

Your Lipstick, was released in November and I’ve finally gotten around to making the LOCALS ONLY this week about it.

The title track, which is also the first, opens up with a classic arena-rock style/Jimmy Eats World drumbeat.

Vocalist Michael Taber sings the anthem-like words of the album title “your lipstick” and everything that happens up to the point of him touching the juicy, red traces left on the black and white album cover. It’s a perfect way to start the record out and represents where the band is at now.

Track four—“I’ll Fall Apart” is a song we should be hearing on KROQ’s Locals Only radio show on Sunday nights. It starts out with a cool kick drum pulse and leads the song up to a reggae-like half-time chorus that has such a memorable melody everyone is sure to sing along.

After the second chorus, the song leads back into its indie direction by drifting the chorus and bridge together in this drawn out build up that includes the sounds of Death Cab For Cutie and Manchester Orchestra.

“I Need To Stop”—track six is a song that embellishes on the group’s arena-rock sound but somehow keeps their style very indie. The song lends itself to sounds from the band The Boxer Rebellion. It’s poppy and big, but it pulls at emotional strings the rest of the album doesn’t. It’s a great song for the band to include in the mix and keep around.

Track nine—“Dancing Around My Brain” seals the deal on Verdoux’s pop side of writing. The song reminds of the better days of thinking about bleached-sand beaches and listening to Sugar Ray or 311. The song is poppy but smooth rock at the same time. It’s also a surprise because it keeps us listeners guessing what Verdoux will do next on the album.

Verdoux plays at venues like much-missed The Wire, all the way to Los Angeles and back to The Coffee Klatch in Rancho Cucamonga. Check out their ReverbNation for updates on shows and stop by their BandCamp to listen and download the new album, Your Lipstick.


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