By Zachariah Weaver

Posted January 24, 2014 in Web Only
30126_largeThe latest release from Los Angeles four-girl indie rock band, Warpaint came out Tuesday and has been blowing my mind ever since. Self-titled and described as the most representative set of tunes of the band to date, the album is meditative, groovy and a live studio recording masterpiece.

The first track—“Intro” leads the album into that dreamy, psychedelic-like groove that carries on throughout the rest of the song and surely into the second tune, “Keep It Healthy.”

The second track is full of one-of-a-kind interesting click noises that give the song a creepy attitude but make it move right along. It sounds like someone is snapping their fingers ever so softly but as close as they can to the mic.

The melody vocalist Emily Kokal bursts into sounds like the current of a rushing river as it turns into a stream and falls to the depths in a waterfall; it rises and falls with ease and grace as the song progresses.

The fourth track—“Hi” is one of those songs you turn up the bass in your car for as you drive down the city streets late at night on the way home from a thoughtful night out at the bar with friends. It has a hip-hopish beat but in the most indie rock band way. It’s simple and catchy and makes you think about bigger things. Plus, the synth used in the bridge is truly jaw-dropping.

Later on during the album—track nine, “Feeling Alright”—is a great song to bring in those Phoenix motives with the dramatic Explosions in the Sky song structure. This song, just like the rest of the album, gives us strong emotional connections to beat-oriented tunes.

“Love IS To Die”—the third track off this amazing record, contains a similar groove between the drums and bass relationship that the other songs have, but just like the other tracks, it has something else that automatically grabs us in.

The chorus sounds like it’s always switching keys and the verse plays with a ton of atmospheric synths that open up the mix and lead us into perfect pre-choruses and choruses.

They are very opposite sections of each other. But because of this, they work. And very well, might I add.

Warpaint’s Warpaint is what they say it is: the truest expression of the band to date. The band will be going international for the next couple of months but you can check out all their new songs live when they play both weekends at Coachella this April in Indio, Calif.

Head over to Rough Trade Records with your ‘war’ face on and buy some Warpaint.


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