The Watch Dog: Murdering Husband Surrenders

By Derek Obregon

Posted January 24, 2014 in Web Only
edly readyYou may remember back in December we ran a story about a husband that murdered his wife and fled. In case you don’t remember what happened, here’s a quick little update.

The suspect, Edly Atherley is accused of beating and stabbing his wife, Ashley Atherley, to death inside their apartment in San Bernardino.

The couple did have a history of having an abusive past because Edly was arrested in 2008 for battery/domestic violence after he pushed and threw Ashley to the floor. Shortly before the incident, Ashley filed for divorce and that could have been a motive as to why Edly murdered his wife.

At the time of the incident, it was believed that Edly was trying to escape the city because he was spotted by a security guard at the Metrolink station. Police believed he was trying to get to LA, where he had family.

After a short time on the run, law enforcement finally caught up with the killer and Edly surrendered to FBI officials all the way in Tampa, Florida.

Ashley’s mother, Lucia Robles, had this to say:

“We were concerned to learn that Edly was in Tampa and within such close physical proximity to many family members while he was running from law enforcement and crossing the country. We are relieved to know that he is now in custody and that he cannot harm anyone else. Our prayer is that the judicial process will unfold in a timely and just manner so that Ashley’s death will be properly recorded as a domestic violence murder and our family can experience justice for the loss of Ashley’s beautiful and productive life. Our lives have been forever altered and for the sake of her children, we hope to one day regain a sense of balance and peace once this process is over. The matter is now in the hands of law enforcement and we will not take any risk that might compromise justice for Ashley so we cannot publicly comment about her legal case.”

It is unclear if Edly will be extradited to California, but it is clear that justice struck swiftly in this case.


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